A two-day workshop for playwrights and screenwriters

Whether you imagine your concept as a play, film, or television series, the well-constructed scene can serve as a powerful driving force toward a completed work. This writing-intensive workshop is designed to cultivate the student's distinctive voice through dialogue and action. The instructor will guide participants through key principles, dramatic elements, and proper script format, always remaining focused on fulfilling the unique demands of the student's artistic vision. Each student will be encouraged to approach the class as a working scriptwriter and devise an original scene. Upon completion, the instructor will offer customized feedback designed to support expansion of the participant's preliminary work into a fully-realized script. All levels of experience are welcome. 


Upcoming WorkshopS HELD AT:

Massachusetts College of ARt & Design
Continuing Education
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115 USA

2018-19 Dates & TImes: TO BE ANNOUNCED



"David was a wonderful instructor: enthusiastic, passionate, and very knowledgeable and experienced! You will leave this workshop with a notebook filled with your own unique ideas around characters, scenes, and stories. David's guidance will allow you to explore your ideas in ways you didn't know were possible."

— Lily H.

"I was able to produce more creative work in these few hours with David than the past four months totaled. He is encouraging, understanding, passionate, and completely un-invasive. I would highly recommend this workshop for any day-dreaming creatives. David will make your ideas a reality!"

— Sarah W.

"I can confidently say that I have all the tools I need to go on and write. Every base was covered. The overall feel of the class was amazing. Dave is clearly excited to teach, and that makes it amazing to want to learn from him."

— Michael W.

"I am incredibly happy to have taken this workshop. I came in unsure if I could even come up with a character or topic, and with no creative writing experience. David was positive, motivational, the class was structured, yet felt free and deeply effective. This is the beginning of a lot of writing to come. Thank you!!"

— Sara H.


"This course was a perfect way for me to get my creative juices flowing and set me up to get work done this summer... I really loved this class!"

"I have a hard time focusing sometimes, but the way you always kept us busy — either with short prompts or rapid fire questions — really kept me engaged."

"This class really worked!

"This is the perfect workshop for getting an idea and shaping it into a play... The perfect sequence of exercises — the way that you imposed meditative silence and containment during the exercises. Fabulous! Thank you!"

"Flexible enough to meet my individual needs... I enjoyed your class greatly."

"Asking questions about my character was a fantastic way to give my character the third degree... Helped get me writing again."

"It was a fantastic class!